Introducing A ‘Smart’ Way For You To Take Control of Your Energy Future

Want to save up to 70% on your electricity bills? We can help you do that!

ASK Renewables is delighted to confirm they are now an official Installer Partner for Social Energy; a specialist utilities company that maximises the earning and savings potential for homes with solar panel and storage systems.

At an impressive launch party hosted at The Gherkin in London, Social Energy, in collaboration with Duracell Home Energy Storage announced their entrance as a disrupter for the energy market. Social Energy is now credited as a provider of “the first home energy trading solution to be fully compliant with National Grid’s dynamic frequency response service”.

Duracell Home Energy Storage in collaboration with Social Energy

Duracell Home Energy Storage in collaboration with Social Energy









How it works:

Homes require a solar panel system, the Social Energy Hub and a Duracell Home Energy Storage System, collectively referred to as a Social Energy Network. Energy generated by the solar panels is stored in the Home Energy Storage battery. Where that energy is then diverted to relies on the Social Energy Hub’s algorithm. The Hub initially monitors energy usage in the home to determine the occupant’s unique patterns. The AI then ensures sufficient energy remains in the Home Energy Storage System to cover the home’s energy use. The excess energy is then traded to the National Grid during periods when the grid is experiencing high load, during which time the grid pays optimum prices for energy.

What it means:

For our customers, this offers a unique opportunity to earn maximum income for the excess energy they’ve stored by trading with National Grid at peak energy usage times. This scheme can be used in conjunction with the Feed-In Tariff making it an attractive proposition for households with panels already installed who have seen their returns fall off over recent years. In addition, the Home Energy Storage Solution allows households to store excess energy so they have little if any requirement to draw energy from the Grid at costly peak times. Customers may see an overall saving of up to 70% on their electricity bills.

Why it matters:

A recent report has projected British households are facing a £80 million bill following the collapse of eight energy suppliers in 2018. The bill is the projected cost for transferring more than half a million customers affected by these collapses to alternative suppliers who are recouping their costs through a mechanism known as ‘Supplier of Last Resort’. In addition to the cost of transfer, failed companies will have left unpaid renewable energy subsidies in their wake, the cost of which will also ultimately fall on the shoulders of the consumer.

Households are seeing energy bills rise year on year and there are still no robust plans in place to ensure consistent uninterrupted energy supply. Social Energy and Duracell Home Energy Storage offer customers an attractive, viable solution to an uncertain energy future.

ASK Renewables is a provider of solar panel systems and storage solutions for domestic and commercial properties. We are part of the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS), approved by the National Association of Professional Inspectors and Testers (NAPIT) and have signed up to the Renewable Energy Consumer Code. We are also registered with the Trading Standards Institute Consumer Codes Approval Scheme (TSI) and a Which? Trusted Trader.

To find out more about how a solar panel network could help you earn money and save money, contact one of our team on [email protected] or 01226 715522.