Mick Wheeler’s Solar Success Story: A Return on Investment That Just Works

Why did a small business think Solar was the answer?

When you meet Mick, you are struck by his straightforward, no-nonsense approach to running his business, Leger Lakes. Mick built his cafe with fishing facilities and cabins from the ground up. Working hard to build his business, he faced the challenge of rising electricity costs and decided that Solar was the answer. His decision to turn to solar panels from ASK Renewables has proven to be a game-changer, delivering immediate and tangible returns on investment. Perhaps the difference between staying in business and not.


A straightforward process

For Mick, the process of going solar was refreshingly simple. From the initial consultation to the final installation, ASK Renewables guided him every step of the way, alleviating any concerns about the complexity of the project. Mick appreciated the transparency and efficiency of the process, highlighting ASK’s commitment to making solar energy accessible and hassle-free. He noted, “They come, they measure, they come back again and make sure everything works and fits, then they come back and fit… smooth, no problems.”


Immediate return on investment

What truly sets Mick’s experience apart is the undeniable return on investment he’s witnessed. Within just a month of installation, Mick saw a significant reduction in his electricity bills, saving £500—an impressive feat for any small business owner. “It’s only been up and running a month, but already it’s saved me £500 on my electrical,” Mick shared. This immediate payoff reaffirmed Mick’s decision to go solar, and because Mick gets a payment from his utility supplier for generating his own electricity he’s looking forward to even more off his bill. 


Reliability that ‘just works’

Mick’s solar and battery storage system has proven to be reliable and efficient, embodying the ethos of “it just works.” The system has exceeded all expectations, consistently delivering on its promise to generate clean, renewable power for Leger Lakes. “I mean, my best, I think, is about 72 kilowatt in a day that the panels have generated,” he explained,  noting that the weather had been pretty wet and there hadn’t been a lot of days that weren’t overcast. He was looking forward to even better numbers in the summer. This reliability has not only saved Mick money but is also contributing to a more sustainable business model, aligning with his commitment to running an environmentally friendly business.


The difference it makes

Mick’s journey with ASK Renewables highlights the transformative potential of renewable energy for businesses. In is straight-talking manner, Mick talked about the simplicity of the installation process, the immediate financial benefits, and the system’s reliability all contribute to a compelling case for going solar. “It’s just a saving. So I know what I paid for the system, in probably three and a half years the system will have cost me nothing. So it is that fast and simple.”

So what can we learn?

What can we learn from Mick’s experience with ASK Renewables? First and foremost, the importance of a straightforward, transparent process that simplifies the journey to renewable energy. Mick’s story also underscores the immediate and substantial return on investment that solar panels can offer, providing both financial savings and environmental benefits. Lastly, reliability is key—solar energy systems that ‘just work’ can transform businesses, reducing overheads and supporting sustainability.

If you’re ready to experience the same level of success as Mick, don’t hesitate to reach out to ASK Renewables. We’ll help you unlock the full potential of solar energy and achieve a return on investment that just works.

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