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In one hour, the sun generates more energy than the world’s requirements for a whole year!

By using photovoltaic (PV) panels it is possible to harness some of that energy and use it to run appliances in your home.

Solar System

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How solar panels work

PV panels use lenses or mirrors to collect energy during daylight hours.
The panels are made up from semiconducting material that when struck by photons from the sun release subatomic particles called electrons.

Electrons are the primary carriers of electrical charge in any solid. The semiconductor is positively charged on one side and negatively charged on the other to encourage the electrons to travel in the same direction, setting up an electrical current.

The electrical contacts capture this direct current (DC). Domestic appliances require alternating current (AC), so before the electrical current can be used it must be converted from DC to AC via an inverter. The AC current is then offered to your home.

How a Solar panel Works

How a solar panel generates electricity (DC) by inducing an electron flow between the layers in the panel which creates a current that can be sent to an inverter which changes the electricity to power (AC) that can be used by the devices in your home.


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