Hello again. We’re always looking to help you with advice on what to think about before you fit a solar solution to your home. There is a lot of slick advertising out there so how do you separate out the good companies from the bad? To our minds, we think that the biggest difference is the level of service.

What is the difference between a slick sales process and real service?

Outstanding service both before and after the installation of your solar system is the difference between a successful, profitable and reliable system and something that never really pulls its weight. And we always want to make sure your solar is doing the heavy lifting to keep your bills down.

A lot of solar posts on your social media will try to get you to click on a post, fill out a form and someone will fit you a standard package for a standard price; bulk selling that doesn’t take your individual needs into account. It’s important to look beyond a quick sales process and focus on finding a company that prioritises your personal needs. In this article, we’ll explain why good service, including a thorough in-person survey, easy communication with your installer, and a friendly and approachable team, is key to a successful solar experience.

Putting You First: The Benefits of Exceptional Customer Service

1) A Thorough In-Person Survey

One of the first steps in your solar journey is a comprehensive in-person survey. This process allows our experienced engineers (Not a salesperson) to visit your property, assess your energy needs, and gather crucial information for designing the most efficient solar system. By conducting an in-person survey, our engineer can tailor the system to your specific requirements, maximizing its effectiveness and long-term savings.

2) Easy Communication

Can you get hold of a person who cares?  When you have questions or need updates, it’s so much better to have a contact who is readily available and responsive. You can call any of our team and you’ll be chatting through your questions in no time. Think about those poor people who are going through a: ‘We’re experiencing a high volume of calls’ answering machine service! 

A customer-centric company makes sure that you always have the answers a phone-call away, ensuring that you are informed and comfortable during every step of the process. Whether it’s via phone, email, or in-person meetings, the ability to easily reach your installer builds trust and confidence in their services.

3) A Friendly and Approachable Team

Imagine having a solar provider that feels like a trusted friend. A company with a friendly and approachable team creates a positive and comfortable experience for you as a customer. This is the essence of an ASK Renewables customer experience. From the initial consultation to post-installation support, a team that is warm, understanding, and eager to help ensures that your questions are answered, concerns are addressed promptly, and you feel valued throughout your solar journey. And dealing with an established and successful company that will be here for years to assist you if needed, is essential.

4) Support Whenever You Need It

Solar systems can require ongoing support, and having a reliable team to turn to is crucial. A customer-centric company will be available to assist you for years after the installation is complete. They will provide technical support, address any maintenance or performance concerns, and guide you in maximizing the benefits of your solar system. Knowing that you have a friendly and accessible team to rely on brings peace of mind and a sense of security.


In the world of solar energy, exceptional service sets companies apart. Choosing a solar provider that prioritises your actual needs (and not just what they want to sell to you) means enjoying the benefits of a thorough in-person survey, easy and open communication with your installer, and a friendly and approachable team available whenever you need assistance. By focusing on exceptional service, you’ll not only have a smooth and successful solar experience, but you’ll also build a lasting relationship with a company that truly cares about your needs. So, remember, when considering solar providers, look for those who go the extra mile to provide outstanding service—it’s the key to unlocking the full potential of solar energy for your home.

We’d love to hear your opinions on the topic of service and any ideas you may have for how we can continue to improve on our service and ensure you are cared for throughout your experience of our company. 

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